Mon-Fri: 7am - 6pm

Coffee Connection operates as a non-profit coffee house, and that is something that generates a lot of comments, questions and the occasional skeptic. So let us explain what being a non-profit means to us. Our pledge to our customers and our community is that 100% of everything over the cost of running the shop will be used to help others. We have to purchase supplies, pay utilities, and other costs of operating, but we pay no salaries, nor do we use the income as a fund raiser for our church.

So where does the money go? Each month we identify a particular organization that we will help support with the “profits” from that month’s operation. It is an eclectic list that ranges from helping the Red Cross send items to the troops serving overseas, helping to fund the Pregnancy and Parenting Support Center that works with single and low income moms, to helping an orphanage in a third world country. To see our ever changing list of where we direct our funds, go to our Outreaches Supported page where we will do our best to keep you informed.

Meeting Room Usage: We have a meeting room that will accommodate small group meeting. We make this room available for free as a service to our community; we just ask that you discuss your need with us. As a church owned shop we reserve the right to limit its use to purposes that do not conflict with our churches values and beliefs.