Mon-Fri: 7am - 6pm

We are serious in our commitment to provide you with a quality product. We want you to come back to see us and to tell your friends about Coffee Connection.

Our Coffee: We serve coffee from beans roasted by Geva Premium Coffee in Houston Texas. They are a family owned roaster that custom roasts to order. They do not keep roasted coffee on the shelf, so each order we receive has been custom roasted within a few days of delivery to our shop. We grind the beans just before brewing so that your cup of coffee is as fresh as we can make it.

Besides the batches of coffee we brew and have ready for you, we also have available French presses for those who want to experience coffee with all the oils that bring out the distinct flavor characteristics of each variety of coffee bean. We can also make you an individual pour-over cup that allows for a personalized coffee experience.

Specialty Drinks: If you are someone who enjoys a latte, cappuccino or other espresso-based beverage, we will hand craft your choice with love. We pull each shot by hand after freshly grinding the beans. We also steam the milk for each drink individually, and we have a variety of flavors available so your drink will be just to your liking. We want you to be completely satisfied, so if we don’t like the way a drink is coming together, we’ll scrap it and start over, or if for some reason it isn’t just what you thought you wanted we will remake it no questions asked.

Teas: We have a selection of loose leaf teas and premade tea bags available in order to allow you to choose a tea that will satisfy your cravings.

Smoothies and Frappes: We can make some amazing cold drinks to delight your taste buds. In our Frappes we mix and match flavors and have extra ingredients like brownies, Oreos, soft peppermints, and even the occasional pie in season that we can blend into your Frappe choice. The smoothies are made with fruit puree and the flavors can be mixed.


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Hot Drinks 


         Regular Joe           Only the best “Self Serve”

         Cafe au lait           (Cafe-a-lay) ½ Coffee ½ Steamed Milk

         AeroPress             -Espresso Style Coffee

         Chem-ex              -A pour over method that removes all bitterness

         French Press         -Rich flavorful coffee with all oils intact

         Pour Over             -A simple method that highlights the coffee's uniqueness

         Turkish                 “Finely Ground Mud Coffee” 


         Bag                               Loose Leaf 



         By the Shot

         Cappuccino           1/3 Espresso 1/3 Steamed Milk 1/3 Froth

         Latte                    Flavored or Unflavored Whip Optional

         Red Eye                Espresso + Coffee

         Breve                   Espresso + Steamed Half and Half

         Americano            Espresso + Hot Water

         Cafe Mocha           Espresso + Chocolate + Steamed Milk

         Caramel Latte       Espresso + Caramel + Steamed Milk



                           Half-Caf      -  Half of espresso used is decaf

                           Skinny        -  Made with Non-Fat Milk 


                  Hot Chocolate                         Steamer (Steamed Milk with Flavor) 


         Bom-Bon by Oswaldo



Cold Drinks 


Iced Extra Flavors Optional

                  Coffee                           Tea                               Latte 



Reg Frappe                   Coffee/Espresso Optional, Extra Flavors Optional


         Chocolate             Vanilla                  Red Velvet                     Spice Chai 



Coffee Frappe      Coffee Included. Extra Flavors Optional


                  Mocha                          Toffee Coffee



Special Frappe      Any Frappe Plus...


                  Andes Mints                  Brownie


                  Chocolate Chips             Oreos


                  Peanut Butter                Soft Mints 


* Ask Barista For Seasonal Recommendations * 



Fruity Frappe


                  Mix any smoothie flavor(s) with any Frappe Flavor


                  Strawberry                    Peach                            Banana


                  Mango                          Berry 


Protein may be added to any smoothie or frappe



Flavors / Substitutes 




        Almond                                  Amaretto                                Caramel


        Chai                                      Chocolate                               Coconut                             Gingerbread                           Irish Cream                                Mint           

        Pumpkin Spice                        Raspberry                         Roasted Hazelnut                     Sugar Cane                       Toasted Marshmallow                      Vanilla



Sugar Free Flavors


         Caramel                                  Chocolate                               Vanilla                 







                  Skim Milk                      Half and Half                  Heavy Whip


                  Almond Milk                  Soy Milk



Sweeteners (Specialty)


                  Honey                           Agave



Oatmeal, Snacks, and Bottled Drinks are Available


See Barista For Selection